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OSLL - Fiesta Fundraiser March 24th (Corrected Date)
This Saturday, March 24th, we are holding our biggest fundraiser event of the season!  Festivities start at 10:00 AM.
Please come down and bring all your friends and family to the Handy Fields for taco's, games, raffle baskets and be a judge in our salsa contest!
Please contact Jacque Wilkening 714 865-1014 if you would like to enter in our salsa contest.  First, second and third place prizes are Visa gift cards!
(Sorry about the duplicate email.  Previous versions had the wrong date.)

by posted 03/19/2018
Two OSLL announcements

Three quick announcements.

  1. With rain in the forecast again, we are trying to communicate with our families as effectively as possible.  We will update our field closures on the website as soon as we have the information.  The front page of our website shows the open-closed status of our fields.  If you are playing at another field, look on the website for that league to get the earliest word on field closures.  Here is a list of links to the various league websites
  2. We want you to know about some new deals at our snack bar.  We have the DIAMOND DEAL you can purchase as a team snack.  The DIAMOND DEAL makes your team snack assignment fun and easy, and helps support the snack bar.  There are actually two DIAMOND DEALS.  For $1.50 per player, each player gets a hot dog and 8 oz soda. For $2.50 per player, each player gets a hot dog and 8 oz ICEE.  Please purchase the DIAMOND DEAL near the beginning of the game so we can make sure that we have enough hot dogs for your team at the end of the game. We are also selling Snack Bar Bucks.  Snack Bar Bucks cost $1 each and can be used to buy whatever you want at the snack bar, but we do not give any change back.  The DIAMOND DEAL and Snack Bar Bucks will be available all season. 
  3. Finally, remember Little League Angels day is quickly approaching.  If you would like to buy tickets, please get your order placed with your team parents and get the cash in.  More information on the front page of the OSLL website

by posted 03/16/2018
OSLL Tickets For Angel Day

We still have a limited amount of tickets for angel day at the current price point of $20 I would be happy to meet with anybody throughout the week to get payment for tickets. Email me at elaine@orangelittleleague.org to schedule a meet up time.


by posted 03/13/2018
Field Status
Handy - #1 Major - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
Handy - #2 AAA - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
Handy - #3 AA North - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
Handy - #4 AA South - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
Handy - #5 Single A - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
Handy Batting Cages - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
NESALL AA - Santa Ana OPEN (3/20) 
NESALL AAA - Santa Ana OPEN (3/20) 
NESALL Majors - Santa Ana OPEN (3/20) 
NESALL Single A - Santa Ana OPEN (3/20) 
OLL - AA Field - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
OLL - AAA - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
OLL - Majors - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
OLL - T-Ball - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
OLL Juniors - Orange OPEN (3/20) 
TELL - AAA - Tustin OPEN (3/20) 
TELL - Majors - Tustin OPEN (3/20) 
TELL - Single A - Tustin OPEN (3/20) 
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